Once the mist cleared Saturday lunchtime we were treated to a glorious weekend for racing.  The two races were won by Mark Charteris – Mallock Mk21 – the first with a super drive from the very back of the grid. Second place spot in A class was shared by Spencer McCarthy – Mallock MK20b and Mark Hales – Centaur.

DSC_1676   DSC_1670 DSC_1707   DSC_1705

B class provided Barry Webb – Mallock MK16 – with two wins, Barry again driving smoothly and precisely all weekend.  With Clive Wood suffering repeated mechanical issues second place, in both races, went to Rachel Green in D Tech’s ‘new’ car the Penfold and Dave Facer claimed two 3rd places.  FULL RACE REPORT COMING SOON.

DSC_0069   DSC_1688   DSC_1692   DSC_1673

Kerry & Sheila excelled  themselves yet again with all the catering at our hospitality marquee, even stretching to an impromptu BBQ on the Saturday evening being ably assisted by Paul & Jean Webb and Clive Wood on the grills.  Everyone joined in to make this a very enjoyable and memorable time.

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