2020 Championship

Calendar & Race Reports

Cadwell Park
Cadwell Park

Points table

 Cadwell Park 1Cadwell Park 2Silverstone 1Silverstone 2Total
A Sport
Adrian Holey668828
John Harrison1314 FR13
Antony Denham101020
Mike Lane44109
Mark Charteris3 FQ/FR00
Will Mitcham101
Entry Numbers22664
B Sport0
Tom Dunstan15 FQ/FR1081028
Tommy Eustace1014 FR15 FQ/FR010
Dave Facer001014 FR10
Steve Littler777021
John Muirhead8816
Mike Upton6814
Roger Watton5712
Colin Ralph113611
Chaz Jones404
Chris Tolchard213
Mark Coldwell112
Phil Hart112
Mike Sales000
Entry Numbers7711119
Class C
David Bain000
Entry Numbers11000.5
Hugo Besley
Alan Davenport
Entry Numbers00221
Total Entry1010191914.5
FQ/FR = Both (Fastest qualifying and fastest race lap)
FQ = Fastest qualifying lap
FR = Fastest race Lap

2020 Season Review

The original plan for the 2020 Classic Clubmans championship was 12 races spread over six race meetings. The outlook was optimistic as several new drivers, both new to racing and new to Clubmans, had purchased cars with a view to competing over the full year.

Then COVID 19 struck  and everything changed. Club racing was allowed to resume in July and in theory, the Classic Clubmans championship would start in August. However, the first scheduled round was Mondello Park in Mid-August. This was cancelled as travel was Ireland was forbidden, so the championship was left with just four rounds over two meetings, Cadwell Park in September and the Silverstone finals meeting in October.

Classic Clubmans has many drivers of a more mature age and with the COVID situation fluctuating, several of them considered it prudent to sit out the season. Others decided that it wasn’t worth updating their kit (fire extinguishers, belts, helmets, overall etc.) for just two meetings, preferring to leave it until the following year. Therefore it was a very poor turnout for the Wolds Trophy meeting at Cadwell Park. Just two A Sports made the journey, Mike Lane and Adrian Holey. Seven Class B cars and the lone Class C car of David Bain.

The meeting started very badly for David. He pulled in to the pits during qualifying with his throttle apparently jammed. When qualifying had finished, he was towed back to the paddock, but during this transfer, he was pulled sideways and the car turned over. David was neither belted in or had his helmet strapped on and suffered injuries to ribs and head. He was taken to hospital and kept in overnight. Thankfully the injuries were not that serious and he was released the following morning.

Both races were won overall by Adrian Holey from Mike Lane. B Sport honours were shared between Tom Dunstan in the Penfold and new to car racing, Tommy Eustace in the ex-Dave Facer Mallock Mk.18. Tommy Eustace held the lead for most of the first race, only to be pipped on the last lap by Tom Dunstan. However he got his revenge in race two.

The Silverstone finals meeting saw a much better entry, nineteen cars in all. This was split, seven A Sports, eleven B Sports and the lone Sports 2000 of Hugo Besley.

The phenomenally quick and normally very reliable Mark Charteris had an appalling weekend. Following his very expensive accident in his F2 March, Mark failed to finish either race, leaving John Harrison to sweep to untroubled victory in both races.

Class B was much closer, with the rapid Toms being joined by Dave Facer. Tommy Eustace took the first race with a new lap record, but brake failure before the second allowed Dave Facer to sneak a win from Tom Dustan.

The net result of these two meetings saw Adrian Holey with a pair of wins at Cadwell and two third places at Silverstone, grab the championship by a single point from John Harrison, with Ant Denham in third following to fine second places at Silverstone.

Class B went to Tom Dunstan with a win and a second at Cadwell followed by a second and a third at Silverstone. The unlucky Tommy Eustace was second in his rookie year, with a win  at both Cadwell and Silverstone and a second at Cadwell. His failure to start the second race at Silverstone cost him the championship. Dave Facer took third place with his win and second place at Silverstone. The ever improving Steve Littler should have taken third following good finishes at both Cadwell races and the first race at the finals, but failure to start race two at Silverstone due to ignition failure cost him dearly. Colin Ralph was the only other driver to compete at both meetings.  John Muirhead had two fine third places at Cadwell Park and both Roger Watton and Chris Tolchard attended only the finals meeting.

On the positive side, we had three new drivers this year. As well as Tommy Eustace, we were joined at Silverstone by Chaz Jones, a specialist pre-war MG restorer in his absolutely immaculate Mallock Mk 20/21 and brand new to racing, Mark Coldwell, also in  a Mallock Mk.20/21.

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