After the torrid times of the last few months, we have some very positive news !

Following protracted discussions and lobbying by Mike Sales and Dave Facer Classic Clubmans have the possible opportunity of a race series comprising five or six races within three or four meetings with the Hscc in 2021. 

No details are available at present but this is wonderful news !

Yes we have all become part of the HSCC  and have many friends and supporters in the club BUT what is key however, is that we will be measured on our numbers at the two remaining meetings open to us in 2020 ( Cadwell Park in September and the Silverstone finals in October).

Therefore it is essential that we all support these two meetings. 

This is our last opportunity to show we are a formula that deserves to be included in the HSCC. If we fail now, having been given another chance, we will be left with racing in the Clubmans Register championship. We are in no way denigrating that championship, but with record numbers of modern 200 Bhp Proto cars now racing, is this really where Classic Clubmans A Class and B Sport drivers want to be ?  Hence we are delighted to have the possibility of staying with the HSCC.

So if you want to race your period Classic Clubmans car on a grid of similar Classic cars this HSCC series is the only place to do so.

Please get your entries in early. This will give a clear indication to the HSCC that we are serious and remember NO money is taken until after the closing date and FULL refunds are available if you have any issues. 

Hope to see you all at Cadwell and Silverstone. 

Kind regards        
Mike Sales and Dave Facer 
Classic Clubmans 

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