Marcus Pye was kind enough to present the awards at Snetterton and here he is with his old friend Clive ‘Rasta’ – don’t ask, it’s a long story! – Woods handing him the HSCC shield for 1st place in B Class.  Clive came 1st in both races so that was 2 cuddles from Marcus!! Well….they do go back a long way LOL.  Marcus smiled throughout….a testament to the man’s character !  Thanks, Marcus x

Further awards as follows:

 Overall winner and leading the A Class championship John Harrison

 2nd place for A Class in race 1 Alan Cook

  3rd overall in both races – invitation class driver Michelle Hayward

  Mike Lane  3rd A Class in race 1  – 2nd A Class in race 2

 2nd in B Sport, race 1 Dave Facer

  Barry Webb 3rd place B Sport race 1 – 2nd in race 2

  3rd place B Sport in race 2 Phil Hart

  Trevor Welsh winner of S20

 Andy clark getting his just reward for Mechanic of the Day

Photos courtesy of John-Luke Muirhead

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