Championship Co-ordinator for the 2023 season

Good morning Classic Clubmans racing members,

The HSCC has requested that all their championship formulas must re-affirm their Championship Co-ordinator for the 2023 season.

If anyone wishes to take on the role please contact me asap.

Candidates must be full HSCC racing members.

They are required to attend 4 HSCC committee meetings per year at Silverstone plus race meetings.

It is preferred that the co-ordinator races in the formula.

In the event of more than one applicant the HSCC office will organise a ballot.  Only current, fully paid up racing members are allowed to vote.

For your information I am prepared to be the Classic Clubmans Co-ordinator for the 2023 season.

Please send in your application to me no later than 30th November 2022.

Kind regards,
Mike Sales  07956 298836

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