IMG_1408It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Cathy Jenkins, wife of Paul Jenkins.
Many of you will have met Cathy over the last few seasons, especially this year at Silverstone and Snetterton and will, I’m sure, remember her as a cheerful, smiley, friendly lady, happy to chat and meet everyone.
Paul has been associated with Clubmans racing since the early days – working with Bob ‘Haggis’ LeSeur on the Haggispeed cars – indeed Paul helped build my own Haggispeed car in the early 70’s and that’s when we first met them both. Cathy & Paul would come to the circuits – camping in those days of course – and Sheila & I would meet them there and the girls would join in the ‘fun’ (?) – I guess it helped that we were all young and daft!!
We drifted apart as people often do – I stopped racing Clubmans, had a family etc. Paul had a family but carried on race engineering, preparation and support, where he has gained an immense respect, alongside his ‘proper’ job as an aeronautics engineer all the while supported by Cathy. We met up serendipitously over the years until about 5/6 years ago we all met again at a circuit and had a proper catch up. Cathy – this is true – did not look any different!! Still lovely, with that sunny nature, it was such a pleasure to reacquaint ourselves with each others lives. I’m glad to say we have been in regular contact since then and considered them to be dear friends.
Cathy passed away peacefully and comfortably at St.Michael’s Hospice near their home in Basingstoke. She will be missed by all who knew her and our thoughts and condolences go to Paul, daughter Clair and all the family.
Mike Sales

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