Hello Classic Clubmans people,

I hope you and your families are wintering well.

After the last two difficult years we can all look forward to the 2022 race season much more optimistically.

We have two months to our first championship races at Brands Hatch on 2-3rd April.  There continues to be much positive interest in our excellent 10 race Championship with plenty of enquiries and several returnees joining this season.

The HSCC have now opened entries for Brands Hatch, please enter early if you can.  Your money will not be taken until the closing date.  Early entries do help with paddock space and race times.

There will be a further update on the BH meeting shortly detailing the timetable etc and, hopefully, some interesting news.

Just a reminder to you all about the new regulations for fire extinguishers for 2022 which now feature multi nozzle extinguishant distribution.  Three nozzles for the engine and two for the cockpit is suitable for a Clubmans car.  Please consult equipment suppliers for further details.

Looking forward to seeing you all at BH,

Kind regards,
Mike Sales

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