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Rounds 4 & 5 – Cadwell Park– June 19th. 2016 TEXT BY SUE FACER – PHOTOS JEFF BLOXHAM
This cloudy and cool day in June proved to be a breeze for the two championship leaders, MarkCharteris and Barry Webb dominating proceedings and each winning both races at a canter.
It was a poor entry with just eleven cars, many of the quicker protagonists missing for various reasons. This time it was Class A with most competitors, just easing past Class B six to five. To be fair to B Sports, Rachel Green crashed the Penfold heavily in testing on Friday and Clive Wood was entered, but was too ill to attend. In addition to those who raced at Snetterton two weeks earlier, it was good to see Peter Belsey out again in the ex-Tony Harman Haggispeed.
As with last year, everything was scheduled for one day, so it was bright and early when the cars took to the track for qualifying. A trouble free session saw Mark Charteris dominate proceedings and head the timesheets by 3 seconds from Spencer McCarthy. Spencer himself was a further 4 seconds clear of third place man, Peter Belsey. Steve Chaplin, running himself for the first time, would join Peter on Row 2 and the Mallock Sports run pairing of Rob Manson and Alan Cook occupied Row 3.
In B Sports it was Barry Webb on Pole, just half a second clear of Adam Wheeler. John Muirhead was 3rd. with Steve Littler and Trish Hunter, 4th. and 5th.
A clean start and the front of the field were away in grid order. However, Rob Mansons slow getaway allowed Adam Wheeler to get the jump on Barry Webb and lead the class into Coppice for the first time. Barry’s exit speed from Charlies allowed him to jump Adam into Park, but then Adam tried an audacious manoeuvre into the Mountain, which caused him to spin, almost collecting Barry on the way. He restarted dead last.

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So, on completion of the first lap, it was Mark, well clear of Spencer, who had also eked out a considerably advantage over Peter. Steve Chaplin was 4th. ahead of the duelling Alan Cook and Rob Manson. In Class B, Barry was well clear of John Muirhead, with Trish holding a fine 3rd. from Steve Littler. The recovering Adam Wheeler brought up the rear.
The race quickly settled down with the front four sailing on some distance apart. The main points of interest were the dice between Alan and Rob, Trish holding off Steve Littler and Adams recovery from the back. Adam had repassed both Steve and Trish by the end of lap 3 and started to hone in on John Muirhead, when a second excursion onto the grass, this time on the outside of Charlies 2 put an end to his recovery drive. With his nosecone dragging on the ground, Adam retired to the pits at the end of lap 6.
By half distance, Spencer had pegged the gap to Mark and then in the second half of the race, started to close quite significantly. Was Mark in trouble? Or was he simply being slowed as he came upon the battles at the rear of the field? The answer was obviously the latter. From being less than 2 seconds behind on lap 10, the lead was over 7 seconds just two laps later. Just to emphasise his superiority, Mark then put in a new lap record on Lap 13!
So it was Mark Charteris the comfortable winner from Spencer McCarthy, with Peter Belsey in 3rd, the only other unlapped runner. Steve Chaplin was 4th. clear of Alan Cook and Rob Manson.
In Class B, Barry was the clear winner from John Muirhead and a delighted Trish Hunter. Steve Littler was the final finisher.

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As the lights went out for race 2, this time it was Spencer who got the jump over Mark and headed the field into Coppice. Peter Belsey was 3rd. but Alan Cook had jumped Steve Chaplin to take 4th. with Rob Manson , the final A Sport runner.
Berry Webb quickly seized the initiative in Class B, ahead of John Muirhead. TrIsh was 3rd Steve Littler 4th and Adam Wheeler, under strict instructions NOT to try and win it on the first lap, brought up the rear.
Spencer just held the lead on the completion of lap 1, but it was clear that he would not hold off Mark for long. Peter held a comfortable 3rd. with Alan in 4th. Steve Chaplin 5th. and Rob in 6th. Barry was already 5 seconds clear of John. Trish was third, but Adam had got past Steve Littler and was closing fast.
Adam finally passed Trish on lap 3 but it would be half distance before he finally outdragged John along the pit straight to move into 2nd. in class.
Mark sailed along serenely in front, edging further away from Spencer as each lap passed. Sadly was lost Peter Belsey from 3rd. place on lap 8 when he retired with a broken mudguard stay. Then, a lap later, Spencer retired from 2nd. with an engine issue, promoting Alan Cook to 2nd. and Steve Chaplin to 3rd. However, Rob Manson started to push and eased himself past Steve and into a podium position, before setting off after Alan.
As the race drew to a conclusion, most frontrunners would ease back. Not Mark. Although nearly a lap clear of second place, he established a new lap record on his final lap! Alan Cook just held on to 2nd. from Rob, these two the final unlapped runners. Steve Chaplin was the final A Sport finisher.
Barry Webb was unchallenged in B Sport to record his 4th. victory of the year. Adam Wheeler drove very sensibly to take 2nd. clear of John Muirhead in 3rd. Trish Hunter held on to 4th. just clear of Steve Littler after a race long dice.


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Thankfully Cadwell is over with no major close encounters with the surrounding countryside (apart from Rachel in testing!). Driver of the day went to Barry Webb for his two controlled drives at the front of the B Sport field and mechanic of the day went to Dave Facer for managing to repair the result of Adam Wheelers race one excursion and get him out for race two.

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There is now a long break until Croft. No excuses about no time to prepare. Let’s have the best grid possible at Croft’s second biggest car meeting of the year.

Sue Facer
The Demonic Perm

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