2022 regulations – Fire extinguishers explained (I hope!)

There seems to be much confusion over the 2022 fire extinguisher regulations.  I have been in contact with the Technical team at MS UK and with Nigel Edwards, one of the senior HSCC scrutineers. This is what I have determined:

New for 2022 is that all fire extinguisher systems must now have FIA homologation, whereas prior to this year, non homologated systems were accepted. As a general rule, if your extinguisher does not have an FIA homologation number, then you will need to replace it. If you google FIA Technical List 16, it will take you to the part of the FIA website that lists all of the homologation numbers. Also available on the list, if you click at the top of the list, there are the installation instructions for all homologated systems. So not only must you have a homologated system, it must also be installed in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The list also shows a homologation expiry date. You will see that there is a note at the bottom. This expiry date is the last date that system can be manufactured. It is NOT the last date it can be used. For example, if you have a Lifeline system where homologation expired in 2017, if your system was manufactured in 2016, Lifeline normally quote a 10 year life. Therefore it can be used up until 2026, or even 2027 if you had it serviced in 2025.

Therefore, to ensure your system passes muster, you must have-

  • A homologated system in line with FIA technical list 16 (or 52)
  • It must be installed in line with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • It must be serviced every two years

Generally the cheaper systems seem to be the big systems, which seem like overkill for our cars. It is very much a case of you pay your money and take your choice. I personally, have gone for a bigger system that gives me an added 5 Kg. weight penalty (but I have also gone for a new lithium ion battery and have clawed back the 5 Kg!)

If anybody has any questions, I’m happy to help. If anybody has better information, I’m happy to listen!

Dave Facer          davefacer@sky.com       07775 577789


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